Customer Service – Going the Extra Mile

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Since 1828, when Vickers Oils began trading, our reputation has been built on the quality of the products we produce and the quality of the service we give to our customers. During that time our innovative products have become recognised as being the best available and we enjoy the recognition of being market leaders in the development of Marine EALs.

The level of customer service we give our customers has also long been recognised as one of the benefits of choosing the Vickers brand. Our personal, one-to-one service is still something our customers prefer and something we are rightly proud of. We receive hundreds of enquiries every week at our headquarters in Leeds, and all are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. However, in recent weeks we have had three separate occasions when, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our Sales team in Leeds and the co-operation of our Agents and Stockists in Singapore, Holland, Spain and South Africa we have been able to go ‘the extra mile’ in terms of ensuring our customers received the support they required, when they needed it.

The first was when one of our largest customers had a vessel in dry-dock in Singapore. The vessel reported a seal failure and as a result lost all of the stern tube lubricants. They needed replacement product urgently, so the decision was taken to airfreight the product from Leeds to Singapore. The products left Leeds at midday on the Wednesday and on the Friday was cleared by customs in Singapore and was delivered to the shipyard at 8 a.m.

The second occasion again happened recently, when a customer requested a large order of our HYDROX BIO to be delivered in Cadiz, during a public holiday. Responding to their urgent request, we arranged to immediately transfer product from our stock in Rotterdam to our Agent based in Algeciras. Thanks to the co-operation and commitment from our Agents, the supply could be made to the vessel without any delay.

Lastly, and to show that we provide this level of service to our customers no matter how large the company, we received an urgent enquiry from a new customer in Holland, who was the agent for a ship under repair in Cape Town. Class had told the owners that the vessel could not leave until its stern tube had been filled with HYDROX BIO 220. We received the order in the morning and by the middle of the afternoon, the required one drum had been delivered and the vessel was able to leave Cape Town as scheduled, which was much appreciated by the vessel agent and owner.

We always pride ourselves on the level of service and commitment we offer to our customers and whilst we have chosen to highlight these three recent incidents, they happen on a regular basis. Dennis Connell, Sales Office Manager said, “the efforts made in ensuring these three orders were supplied when our customers needed our help, just underlines the level of support and co-operation between our Sales Office team in Leeds and our network of Agents and Stockists around the globe”.

This level of dedication and team work means that we can offer our customers an unparalleled level of service that has been Trusted for Generations