Vickers Oils at Posidonia 2018

Vickers Oils at Posidonia 2018

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Vickers Oils once again participated at Posidonia in Athens. This picture of our stand was taken just before the opening on the first day and as you can see, reflects the pride that we have in our brand, which has served our customers for over 100 years. This is a major event in our calendar, and we thank all of the visitors who took the time to visit us at Posidonia, and we look forward to seeing you all at SMM in September.

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As the leading supplier of EALs to the global marine industry, Vickers Oils supply many of the worlds largest shipping companies. We are obviously proud to do so and work hard to ensure that they receive the right products, in the right place, at the right time.

But, we also endeavour to ensure that even our smallest customers receive the same levels of advice and service. One such example occurred in the last few weeks, when we were contacted by a US Fishing company via our website enquiry facility. We did not know the company concerned, but one of their vessels had reported leaking from the stern tube, whilst operating in the Arctic Circle and being aware of the benefits that our HYDROX range of lubricants offer in helping to mitigate such problems, they contacted us for help. They were also working against a very tight deadline to arrange the dispatch of the products to their vessel.  Even allowing for the time difference between the USA and the UK, we were able to advise the customer of the correct product to use and arrange the transfer of HYDROX from our stores in the US, to their head office in time for urgent despatch to the vessel, within a few hours of receiving the request.

The customer was very grateful and some five days after the supply, contacted us with thanks for responding to their request for help so quickly, and even added that reports from the vessel Chief Engineer confirmed that the HYDROX  was actually performing better than expected, even in the arduous conditions the vessel was operating in.

Many lubricant companies will often claim that they provide the same levels of service to customers, no matter the size of the company. To us at Vickers, it is more than just a claim, it is what we as a company have done for over a hundred and twenty five years, and the example above is a testimony to that commitment to our customers, and why we are the supplier they trust.

Preventative maintenance the key to reducing operating costs

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For over 100 years, Vickers Oils have led the way in developing specialist lubricants for the Marine industry. In addition to providing the most technologically advanced lubricants to our customers, we have always taken great care to provide the support and advice needed so that they can maximise the benefits our products can offer.

 We work closely with our customers to help them select the appropriate, approved product for each application, and always encourage them to adopt preventative maintenance practices by using our lubricant Condition Monitoring Service. Our CMS, provides a comprehensive database of results, drawn from over a decade of EAL analysis, and  allows us to expertly interpret the lubricant’s performance in the vessel. The key feature of our service is that the resultant reports offer judgements on machinery health and not just lubricant condition. These judgements state, where appropriate, that the machinery is suitable for further service and does not require remedial action.

Therefore, it was with interest that we saw a recent article in the Marine Propulsion magazine which highlighted the consequences of mechanical failure due to lack of correct preventative maintenance. Riviera Maritime have kindly given us permission to publish a link to the article, which we trust you find informative. Please click on the link below to access the article.

MP – Facing the fact s of crane failure

Vickers to exhibit at Marintec China 2017

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Vickers will again be participating at Marintec China. Held from the 5th-8th December 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Shanghai, the exhibition aims to serve as a leading platform for the maritime industry.

We will be exhibiting with our agents in China, Dicksons, and will be located at stand N3 K05. If you are attending the exhibition, please come and see us, and we look forward to meeting old friends and those of you seeking more information about our products and services.

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Vickers enjoy a successful Europort 2017

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Vickers exhibited for the first time at the recent EUROPORT exhibition, held at the Rotterdam Ahoy from the 5th – 8th November. Europort 2017, focussed on special purpose ships, including offshore, dredging, construction, naval, workboats, inland, and fishing vessels.

The exhibition attracted 1100 exhibitors from 45 countries and over 26000 visitors from 93 countries. Vickers shared the stand with our Belgian agent, Armador, who were especially interested in the European Inland Waterways market. Our stand attracted a number of visitors and overall we were pleased with our participation.

From left to right: Harry John Rowan, Paul Smailes and Jan Horemans (Owner of Armador)



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The final two months of 2017 will be very busy for the Vickers Marine Sales team, as we will be participating at two of the largest Maritime events in the marine calendar.

In November, we will be exhibiting for the first time at EUROPORT 2017, to be held at Rotterdam Ahoy from 7th to the 10th November and will be sharing the stand with our Belgian distributor, Armador.

Europort is now well established as one of the world’s leading maritime exhibitions, and covers a broad spectrum of the marine industry such as, sea shipping, offshore vessels, inland navigation, dredging, fishing vessels, workboats, naval ships, construction vessels and mega yachts.

Then in December, we will be participating at MARINTEC CHINA 2017, supported by our Agents in China, Dicksons. We have become a regular exhibitor at Marintec, which will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 5th to the 8th December. Marintec China provides a wide range of exhibiting companies, manufacturers, and service providers across the complete supply chain for shipbuilding as well as professional services, components, and finished equipment.

At both exhibitions, we will continue to promote our company under the banner of ‘Trusted for Generations’, a phrase which we believe encapsulates our core offer to our customers. Both events gives us a great opportunity to discuss our products and services with visitors from across the globe.

Vickers Oils enjoy a successful INMEX SMM

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We were delighted to have participated in this year’s Inmex SMM Exhibition. Held in Mumbai, India from 3rd to 5th October, we were assisted by our Agents in India, Arico.

The exhibition had over 200 exhibitors from over 30 countries and attracted a large number of visitors over the three days.

Graham Lee, ASM for India, said that overall the exhibition was a success for Vickers, with the opportunity to have a number of very useful discussions, with existing and potential customers.

Vickers ‘Trusted for Generations’ at Nor-Shipping 2017

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Vickers Oils were pleased to have participated at Nor-Shipping 2017 held in Oslo from May 30th – June 2nd. This is one of a number of major shipping events that we will be participating at during 2017, and as always, our stand attracted a large number of visitors interested to find out more about our product range and how we can help them select the right EAL solution for their vessels. The theme of our stand this year was ‘Trusted for Generations’ which is something that reflects the leading role we have played in the Marine lubrication industry for nearly 150 years, and how during that time we have been able to support and assist our customers when they have needed us.

Nor-Shipping attracted over 1000 exhibitors and around 15000 visitors, so again demonstrated its importance in the Marine calendar. Our team of Paul Smailes (Sales & Marketing Director), Graham Lee (Sales Manager) and Harry Rowan (Sales Manager) were ably supported by our Norwegian agent Jan Henrik Helen of Imolo A/S.

Paul was delighted with the way our stand looked, something which was commented on by many of our visitors, and the level of interest in Vickers Oils shown by them. Having been a regular supporter of Nor-Shipping we look forward to participating again in the future.


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Peter VickersIn April 2017, Peter Vickers was invited to speak at the ‘European Marine Engineering Conference’ in Amsterdam and provide an update on the work which Vickers Oils have been undertaking into the phenomenon of increasing levels of lead (Pb) in the sterntubes of a small number of vessels.

The Conference, organised by Riviera Maritime Media, addressed the operational, technological and engineering challenges facing ship operators. Many ship owners, managers, designers, equipment manufacturers, suppliers and class societies attended the event.

Peter’s presentation entitled ‘HIGH LEAD (Pb) LEVELS IN STERNTUBES’ considered the possible sources of elevated lead levels. Increasing levels of lead have been found in sterntube oil analysis from some vessels in some fleets, from multiple EAL producers.  The phenomenon has been reported in vessels with lead-free bearings and there does not appear to be any relationship to the condition of EAL or obvious pattern or consistency, with differences even observed between sister vessels.

The presentation concluded that

  • Elevated lead levels are being seen in tin based, lead-free bearings as well as ones containing lead, therefore, the source of the lead is not the bearing.

  • Evidence now points to presence of lead based coatings and paints in the sterntube system.

The paper was very well received and provoked significant interest from the delegates.

Below is a summary of the work Vickers Oils have undertaken into the phenomenon of increasing levels of lead (Pb) in the sterntubes of a small number of vessels, if you would like any additional information or a copy of the full technical report please Contact Us and complete the request form.

In recent years, routine lubricant analysis has highlighted an increasing level of lead (Pb) in the sterntubes of a small number of vessels.  The level has been above the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) guidelines for sterntubes which states that the level should be <10 mg/kg and therefore has raised questions about bearing condition.

The problem has occurred not only on some vessels filled with Vickers HYDROX BIO formula but also on some vessels filled with competing EALs, using unrelated formulas. It should also be noted that there are occasional reports of elevated Pb levels in sterntubes with conventional mineral oils.

Vickers Oils has investigated the problem in depth, in cooperation with several customers and a leading Classification Society.  From the work undertaken, our interpretation is that:

  • HYDROX BIO is not the source since it does not contain any Pb.

  • It is not wear since none of the incidences have ever shown an accompanying increase in other bearing metal elements such as Tin (Sn) or Antimony (Sb).

  • The bearing is not the source of Pb since this phenomenon has occurred on both vessels with Pb-based bearings and also on Tin (Sn) based bearings with near-zero Pb content.

Elevated Pb levels are not caused by a change in the lubricant condition since there is no correlation with Total Acid Number (TAN) or water content.  Used oil analysis from sterntubes rarely shows oxidation or hydrolysis of the lubricant and shows no correlation with rising Pb.

Vickers Oils requested Lloyd’s Register Marine Technical Investigation Department (TID) to undertake an investigation of the elevated Pb concentration in the sterntube lubricant of a vessel at DD.  The conclusion was that there was “no evidence of selective corrosion or leaching found on the lead based white metal lining of the sterntube AFT bearing.”

Paint/coatings used to protect the gravity or other tanks in the sterntube lubricant system were identified as a possible source of Pb.  Red-lead is an anti-corrosive paint used to prime bare metal during fabrication. Whilst the ship yard and customer typically agree a detailed paint specification for all components, the type of shop primer to be used does not appear to be specified.

As part of the investigation, samples of paint scrapings and information about the paint/coating were gathered for vessels exhibiting high levels of Pb.  Specialist analysis was undertaken which identified high levels of Pb in the paint samples. The potential exists for this to be transferred to the lubricant during service and then to be detected in used oil analysis.

It appears that whilst some paint suppliers may be moving towards, or have moved to, the elimination of Pb entirely, some have not.  For the foreseeable future, the world’s fleet will include vessels with Pb containing paints.      

In summary, our investigations indicate that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that the most likely source of Pb is from paints or other surface coatings used in the sterntube lubricant system, most commonly the gravity tank.